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The latest update seems to have created problems, the site has slowed, update bars are not moving, and sometimes my own perfectly good internet connection being blamed for poor communication!

2 years ago


Everything I post gets bad likes right when I post it and I am also haveing the same problem //HELP//

2 years ago

i have the same problem across all of my gadgets. mine has actually gone back to my progress from last year!!!! its really put me off now, i am very dissappointed

1 year ago

The problem may not be the sight or you. This time of the year is the end of the first semester for schools across the U.S. Many of these schools use this program for their students. This allows for teachers to see roughly where students of foreign language are in their skill level/ranking. This may be the culprit due to the overload of useres students on the site at the same time. The problem may pass as time goes on.

2 years ago


2 years ago

how do you update it though?

7 months ago
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