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"The recession also brought high inflation."

Translation:Recesiunea a adus și o inflație mare.

January 10, 2017



2019-11-22 This English can also be translated to, Recesiunea a adus de asemenea o inflație mare, according to a multiple choice I was just given.


This complete language is bogus at the moment. Over 50% of the entries have AT LEAST a minor error. Some are completely wrong.


Complete language? It is still in BETA.


I concur with GScottOliver by using de asemenea


Recesiunea si a adus o mare inflatie is rejected. Any idea why?


The short answer: It does not make any sense in Romanian.

The long answer: "și" here is used as a modal adverb. It's always before the part of speech it's referring to, in this case inflație.


and I tried: recesiunea a și adus o inflație mare but was wrong too. That și can mean and and too is driving me crazy.


Why is "o" necessary here? I was marked wrong for excluding it. It's not "a high inflation." Makes no sense to me.

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