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  5. "Ποιο αγώνα θα έχεις δει;"

"Ποιο αγώνα θα έχεις δει;"

Translation:Which match will you have seen?

January 11, 2017



This is wrong for two reasons: 1. the word should be ποιον, not ποιο. 2. It sounds like ποίο!

  1. Yes, this is indeed a typo. We will make sure to fix this one and other similar ones in the future, since we currently can't edit the main sentences:/

  2. We are aware of the audio problem too, but I'm not sure that it can be fixed, at least not by us. (Also, many people think that it's an actual speaker recorded, but no. I'm almost positive it's actually a program.)

But thank you for your comment. ^.^


Not fixed yet. It even sounds like Ποίο αγώνα θα έχει ρθει" :-)


Hi Hellas, you are right but they simply can't fix it until they are ready to redo all the typos and all the wonky sentences etc and prepare the course for the definitive edition. They need our help and our patience, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Athens :-)


Sure, patience is necessary. Notice, however, how long this has been an issue.


"What match will you have seen" why is this not accepted?


There is actually the exact translation of this sentence in Greek: "Τι αγώνα θα έχεις δει;". The difference is that you'd most often use "Τι" when the other person has told you that they are going to watch a match, but you don't actually know what they are referring to (could be football, basketball, tennis, whatever). "Ποιο", on the other hand, narrows the list down. "There is match A and match B, which one are you going to watch?"


There is a similar difference in English: "what" refers to selecting from an unknown set of options and "which" to selecting between a known set of options. However "what" can be used generally in both meanings and sometimes "which" can too.


True, there are some cases of this kind, but I think it's better if we stick to the classic explanation so that the exercises can be as consistent as possible. Thank you for your comment!


Answers like this are so great, it's the little things a new speaker would never know! Thanks makes more sense for sure.


"Which contest" should also be accepted.



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