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plural of adjective orange

i was totally stumped on this one: Elles peuvent être rouges, orange, blanches, jaunes et bleues. first, i could not differentiate between elle and elles so did not pluralize any of the colours. That aside, why is orange not pluralized with an "s". Is this an exception?

June 20, 2012



Yes it is an exception because orange is taken from the actual fruit so you're not supposed to conjugate it ever. The same with if you said 'Les papiers(papers) rouge cerise' Since we're saying cherry red we don't conjugate. it's the same with other double-barrel colour names like chocolate brown etc.


Indeed this is a tricky part, with several exceptions, that natives do not always get right.

For french speakers, a few english words are tricky as well: police (you are police ?), pants, fish (I ate several fish), hair (your hair is a lovely brown. I found three hairs in the shower), and so on.


Merci, beaucoup! I see the same is the case for marron, i looked it up and this word means "chestnut". Makes sense.

Im still confused by your other example; with regard to "cherry red", would the plural be: "les papiers rouges cherise" ?


it would be "les papiers rouge cerise" because "rouge cerise" is like orange; it's taken from the noun and is used collectively as an unalterable adjective.

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