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Why are you learning Turkish?

Hi everyone!

Most of us have pretty obvious reasons for learning Spanish, French, German, etc., such as work, school, or to communicate with others in our own countries. However, Turkish is a much more unique language, so why are all of you learning it?

I am starting to learn Turkish because the U.S. Department of State has listed Turkish as a Critical Language, encouraging more Americans to learn it and building relationships with other countries. I hope to eventually work in the intelligence community, and I figure it will be useful. I am interested in why others are learning Turkish and how we all plan to use it. I look forward to seeing what all of you say!

January 11, 2017



Because I love Turkey and learning its language is a way of getting closer to its culture. When I go there I want to be able to speak Turkish. Plus, I want to watch Turk soaps as soon as they come out and without subtitles.


I know, right? Turkish soaps are amazing. I've never watched North American soaps, but Netflix put on Magnificent Century...and then 1001 nights and Seyit and Sura and I am hooked. And listening to that much Turkish has me hooked on the language!


My reason is not because of work, but just because of the beauty of the language. Actually I was learning French before, but one day one of the people I talked to who knew French talked to me in Turkish, and I fell in love with it and the culture. Now I am planning to go to Turkey and visit many places, like Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, and pretty much explore all Turkey. I'm sure it will be fun!


I recently went to the Antalya region of Turkey and it's amazing! You'll really like it. Turkey's a wonderful place :)


Great language, great people and great country. In October I went to Turkey for the first time in my life and loved it. It's by far one of the best places I've ever visited. And I love the language too. I think it's a shame how everyone turns their nose up to when you mention going to Turkey due to the unfortunate attacks recently. It's really a wonderful country and home to, as I said, lovely people and a great language :)


I simply love it :)


I was first exposed to Turkish While living in France where I dated a turkish man. He would speak to me in Turkish and taught me some common phrases. Then a couple of months later I visited Istanbul which has by far been one of my favorite places i've visited. It's a riveting language with a colorful culture.


I started learning Spanish out of curiosity and love of language, then a little over a year ago I met my fiancé who is Turkish! So starting to learn Türkçe was a complete no brainer. I'm hardly fluent yet, but I have several phases (including some more colourful ones) and can talk via messenger fairly well with my to be mother in law :-) Learning Spanish beforehand as helped a bit, but I'm really enjoying Turkish.

Also learning other languages has helped me explain English weirdness to my partner on occasion :-)

I agree with @EmperorIguana42, Turkey is an amazing and great place!

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