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"They are children of the same parents."

Translation:Ei sunt copii ai acelorași părinți.

January 11, 2017



I don't understand why "ai" is in this sentence. Is it an error?


You need an article, either the definite enclitic one or the possessive article:
Ei sunt copiii acelorași părinți.
Ei sunt copii ai acelorași părinți.

The English sentence has no definite article for children, so I assumed the second version is preferred here.


Thank you for the explanation, have a lingot! I was struggling with this for 20 minutes :D :D :D


Thanks also for the explanation, I agree with that , but I would have more information. Could someone answer please?
Which 'case' is used in both solution Genitive or dative?
In the following, I presume it is genitive :

"Ei sunt copiii acelorași părinți." "acelorași = GEN

But in the sentence with "ai" ? Dative???

"Ei sunt copii ai acelorași părinți." "acelorași " = DAT ? ??


Both sentences are in the genitive case.


I've forgotten how the article becomes 'ai' is it plural of 'al'? Thanks


How would this sentence read without the "ai?" I am struggling to remember when I need to put it in or not.


Without the ai : Ei sunt copiii acelorași părinți.

Check if children is articulated (copiii) or not (copii), in the latter case, you need to add an ai.

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