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  5. "Hôm qua, bạn đã ở đâu?"

"Hôm qua, bạn đã đâu?"

Translation:Yesterday, where were you?

January 11, 2017



the speaker is combining đã and ở so it sounds like đáo?


It doesn't sound like that, I can still hear them separately.

Edit: đáo would mean there is a /w/ glide at the end of the -ao but there isn't one in this audio sample.


As someone still learning I agree that they sound like one word. A lot of the audios are too fast for beginners


Nah, the a and the o have different tones. If it were đáo, it would be an "ow" sound with a high tone. In the audio it's clearly a with a high tone and o with a dipping tone.

Even if you think that the speaker is combing the two sounds, the position of your mouth is different from đáo.


Pedantic about English but still present uncomfortable translation. The viet says "yesterday you were where." The direct translation is okay English and helps me understand and anticipate sentence construction. Nut failed "Yesterday where were you is okay but not a native speakers phrase. "Where were you yesterday " is a much more likely expression

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