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  5. "Eu am nouă foi de hârtie."

"Eu am nouă foi de hârtie."

Translation:I have nine sheets of paper.

January 11, 2017



In what situation is " nouă" a translation of "new" ? Not here I guess.


We have the adjective nou meaning new. All of it's forms, depending on gener and number, are:

  • câine nou (new dog - masculine singular)
  • pisică nouă (new cat - feminine singular)
  • câini noi (new bears - masculine plural)
  • pisici noi (new cats - feminine plural)

The number nine is nouă.

In this particular scenario it is obviously the number nouă because nouă (as new) would've been noi here.

Usually we don't have issues figuring it out because we say:

  • Eu am nouă pisici (I have nine cats)
  • Eu am o pisică nouă (I have a new cat)
  • Pisica este nouă (the cat is new)
  • Pisicile sunt noi (the cats are new)
  • Pisicile sunt nouă (the cats are nine)


Tu ne dai nouă o pisică nouă ori nouă pisici noi? Sorry, nu m-am putut abține. Great post! :)


Mie și îmi place să ne jucăm cu cuvinte. Poți învăța multe în acest fel.


Wow that's an awesome way to break it down. Tell me why you are learning Romanian again....?


Just looking around at what gets taught here. I am a native speaker.


And helping out immensely - thanks.


In the Romanian town of Reșița there is a school bearing the number nine (9). Its claim is „școala nouă – mereu nouă” (school nine – always new), if I remember correctly.


is " i have nine paper sheets" wrong in english ?


This sounds like you have 9 paper bedsheets. 'Sheets of paper' is the standard way of saying it in English.


what's the difference in english between " i have nine sheets of paper" and " I have nine paper sheets ?" personally, as far as I can remember, i have certainly always said I have nine paper sheets, or anything similar and nobody ever told me it was wrong.


There is no difference, its just convention. In your example both forms are in use.


Wouldnt the peper be more interesting if it were spicy...lol

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