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"Ông của tôi đã từng một vận động viên nhảy cao chuyên nghiệp."

Translation:My grandfather used to be a professional high jump athlete.

January 11, 2017



RANT: This is a terrible terrible question. So many confusing things mixed into one. Please simply better like the spanish lesson. We are suppose to learn sports. This has 10% sport, 90% other lessons mixed in. Whoever is making the lesson, like to make things way to tricky. Once again, way too complicated for a first time learner of the language. I know cause this sentence was even hard for me. And when you have too many factor in one sentence, the translation can be way to many things. This is a common problem throughout the vietnamese course. Maybe this should be.. "He is a professional high jump athletes." and not with other things added. Making learning fun, not a pain in the butt.


I agree this sentence is way too long and complex when you are just learning. It feels nearly impossible to hear all the words correctly!


To reach level 25, I calcultated, I can redo the entire course 4 times, including strengthening a lot, I guess at the fifth turn, I can recite the sentence lol
But it's a bit slow to go further : I m at the 2nd tour, it's a already a bit borring, too easy


10/10 Ma ❤❤❤❤❤! These duolingo ain't shit!


I prefer it mixing old content. As a teacher, I can tell you that reinforcement is critical, and we need that content to retain what we've learned. If they only did the topic at hand, we'd only get vocabulary, and not sentence structure.

What I'd like to see is more guidance and suggestions about lesson order. I used to try to do a crown level per day, but then I was forgetting important skills because I'd do 30 lessons a day on a given topic and it was a waste. Now I hit multiple topics a day, but only once each, and it's working much better for me.


I think the problem with this course is that it needs a native English speaker that knows Vietnamese well to correct answers like this one. "My grandfather used to be a professional high jumper" is all that is required. The word "athlete" is unnecessary. There are many similar mistranslations


Yes, "professional high jumper" is much more natural.


Tai sao "My grandfather WAS a prof...." lai sai T_T ?


"da tung" means "was" too. i put was and this crappy duolingo said i was wrong.


Maybe you need to get back to the "past" lesson ?


Ted458255 is correct. The word "athlete" is not required and is not good English. In the same way we would not say "I am a biologist scientist" I am a biologist is sufficient.


Too difficult to listen to

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