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  5. "Mi ropa no es vieja."

"Mi ropa no es vieja."

Translation:My clothing is not old.

February 19, 2013



OK so 'vieja' means old...but the other definitions if you hover over it are 'blenny' and 'globefish'?! What on earth do those mean?


They're both species of fish.


Haha, did anyone else write "my clothes is not old. "


As LeahRobertson mentioned, clothing is the singular subject, which is why the singular verb "es" is used instead of plural verb "son" , so that even though "clothes" is a correct subject equivalent for "clothing", in this case it can't be used because then the subject would be plural and we have a singular verb and as you know, the subject and verb must match. I hope this helps. P.S. I answered "clothes" too and had to come here to Discussion to figure out why my answer was marked wrong.


"Ropa vieja" is also a dish served in the Canary Islands, I'm amused every time I see this sentence!


you think that's bad, they have a pastry in Chile called calzones rotos :D


Very popular Cuban dish as well! Not sure if they are the same thing though


Why isn't it "mi ropa no son vieja"


The subject is "ropa," which is singular, so the verb must also be singular, making it "es." It doesn't matter if "ropa" translates to clothes in English (which would be plural), which can be confusing :) Think "clothing" instead of "clothes"


Thank you Leah for the reply. I did figure it out not long after I posted but still appreciate your response. Here's a lingot for your time =)


Sorry I could not have been a help sooner -- maybe it will help someone else! Gracias y buen dia :)


Why is it "Mi ropa no es vieja." and not "Mi ropa no son vieja."? Is this just a special case? Is clothes always singular?


When in spanish you say "mi ropa no es vieja" you can understand that is all your clothes... It writes in singular but can be used to plural too. "Mis ropas no son viejas" .. But it looks rarely...

I'm sorry for my english, I'am starting to learn


It's called vintage!


Mi ropa no es vieja, pero mi comida es ropa vieja.

My clothes are not old, but my meal is shredded beef (Cuban/Caribbean cuisine).


Is the above sentence not said in plural form?


If you check out the Spanish-language discussion boards for the people learning English, tons of people are confused at why "clothes" is plural in English :)


haha I have never heard of the word "blenny."


does 'vieja' not also count as 'antique'?


Nope. Antique is antiguo.


Mi ropa es (singular) Mis ropas son (plural ) Why isn't good this response? Mis ropa es ....= my clothes is old


In English, "my clothes is old" is never said, as clothes is always plural, even if it is a single item being referred to, such as a dress. Like a woman might say, "I need to change my clothes" when she just intends put on a different dress. So clothes always need an "are" verb, and never an "is."


Michelin, to add to Eugene Tiffany's response, you mixed the plural "mis" with singular "ropa", that was why it wasn't good. It should be "mis ropas son...", "mi ropa es..." "my clothes are..."

"Ropa" is singular. "Ropas" is plural. And as Eugene said, "Clothes" is always plural.


"ropas" doesn't exist in spanish


I think "my clothes are not old" is not correct theoretically since clothes being plural it should have been "viejas"


Can I say, Mi ropa son vieyas.


This is all very confusing. "My clothes are not old" is perfectly good English. Why does DL mark it wrong as it is a correct translation of "Mi ropa no es vieja". The verb should not matter more than the actual meaning. My opinion.

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