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"- My name is Victoria. - And my name is Viktor."

Translation:- Мене звуть Вікторія. - А мене звуть Віктор.

January 11, 2017



Option 3 "- Мене звуть Вікторія. - А мене звуть Віктор." in meaning is absolutely identical to Option 2 "- Мене звуть Вікторія. - І мене звати Віктор." There is light shade of meaning in Ukrainian, but in English invariably.


We are being tested on words we havent learned yet


How do you know when to use і or а for and?


Language is limited by the inconsistencies of our capacity for organization


I missed captalizing the B in Victoria. And i got the Whole sentance wrong?? Not just some marks off.? I thought I was to be used for and??? can you help me understand that please.

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