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Accusative Pronouns

The "Tips and notes" part of this topic seems a bit vague and confusing. I was never taught grammar at school (it had fallen out of favour when I was a child), so the term Accusative Pronouns does not mean a lot to me, and there is absolutely no description of what the difference is between Accented and Unaccented forms. The Wikipedia entry uses the terms Stressed and Unstressed instead, and is slightly clearer, but still somewhat complicated.


The examples given, are also not terribly helpful.

The phrase "Pe tine te întreb" to me, seems to mean "You you, I ask" (somewhat literally). There's no explanation of why "You" seems to be used twice. The Wikipedia entry appears to say that this is necessary if a "relative clause" is used, but that's just more confusion, since the entry for "relative clause" is fairly long itself.

Hopefully as I progress through the section, the meanings will become more obvious, but at least initially, the "Tips and notes" are just very unclear and unhelpful.

I think some additional clarity could usefully be added to the notes. To be fair, the course is in Beta, so obviously there are going to be such issues.

January 11, 2017

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The accented form focuses more on the object. It's roughly like this:

"Andrei te urmărește" means "Andrew follows you." "Andrei te urmărește pe tine" means "Andrew follows YOU!"

I hope this helps. If not just tell me, I'll try again.

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