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Je suis nouveau à ce que dois-je faire? S'il vous plaît aider! :) :) :)

french Bonjour, je suis nouveau sur ce site, pouvez-vous me donner quelques conseils sur la façon d'obtenir le meilleur parti de Duolingo. Suite Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile? J'ai commencé environ une semaine et a rejoint deux cources français et allemand. J'ai aussi besoin de savoir ce que vous faites avec des lingos. J'espère que vous pouvez aider et merci pour tout votre temps à m'aider.

english Hello, I am new to this site, can you give me some tips on how to get the most out of Duolingo. Was this review helpful? Yes Problem with this review? I started about a week and joined two French and German courts. I also need to know what you are doing with lingos. I hope you can help and thank you for all your time to help me.

german Hallo, ich bin neu auf dieser Seite, können Sie mir einige Tipps, wie man das Beste aus Duolingo. Der Service war ausgezeichnet. Ja Problem melden Stellen Sie Roger- Ich begann etwa eine Woche und trat zwei französische und deutsche Gerichte. Ich muss auch wissen, was Sie mit Lingu tun. Ich hoffe, dass Sie helfen können und Ihnen für Ihre ganze Zeit danken, um mir zu helfen.

italian Ciao, Sono nuovo di questo sito, potete darmi alcuni consigli su come ottenere il massimo da Duolingo. Questa recensione è stata utile? Si Problemi con questa recensione? Ho iniziato circa una settimana e unito due tribunali francesi e tedeschi. Ho anche bisogno di sapere cosa si sta facendo con Lingos. Spero che tu possa aiutare e vi ringrazio per tutto il vostro tempo per aiutarmi.

Merci Molly:) p.s if you speak another language tell me and hopefully i am translate it for you! :)

January 11, 2017



Note: Don't panic at the size of this comment! :D Beside abiding by the guidelines and related stuff, there's nothing mandatory here. These are just for better usage of the system!

The system is effective as long as you practice every day. The fact that so many people are learning and many are on, say, a hundred day streak proves that.
It alone doesn't make you fluent, what you learn from the course is mostly vocabulary, pronunciations and sentences (and if you wish, grammar). And that fluency meter's fake, don't trust it!

The discussions are a great place to, well, discuss language and closely related subjects. You can ask questions, ask people to correct you (though Lang-8 is tailored to that) and request opinions or certain matters.

Lingots are the virtual currency here. You can buy items at the store, or give them to others in the Discussion as a "Thank you".

To get the most out of Duolingo:

  1. Duolingo uses spaced repetition and the color of your skills and strength bars are the way they tell you this. The best and only way to make the most out of it is to keep the tree gold, and practice every single day.
  2. Buy the Timed Practice ASAP! It's very useful for retaining words, and you can access it via strengthening sessions once you've bought it.
  3. I recommend setting the XP goal to 1 to build a streak. Streaking is a proven method to turn anything into a habit. Return everyday, even if it's for 1XP.
  4. Don't hurry! You don't have to finish the tree fast, and finishing it doesn't necessarily show your level of knowledge!
  5. Don't be a perfectionist! Keep the tree gold, but you should progress according to your own pace, but don't go too slow.
  6. Please be sure to follow the Guidelines!

  7. Moderators are the users with a green circle and shield around their profile picture. Check Moderator Locator to find them. They are a volunteer force, and will take action if the guidelines aren't upheld.
  8. Beware! If you're mostly on the mobile apps, they might not sync properly and you might lose your freeze or streak. When you do the least goal on a mobile app, go to the web version to see if there is a check mark beside your streak number, meaning the server knows the goal is fulfilled.
  9. "Laddering" or doing the reverse tree is to start a tree, as the native speaker of the language you wish to learn. People usually do it after finishing their tree and/or for languages that aren't available the other way around.
  10. The strength bars are a variable of your memory's strength, not time necessarily. If your bars are stuck, try re-doing the lessons instead of strengthening them.
  11. The progress quiz at the store tests your entire tree regardless of where you are!
  12. Levels are based on XP alone, and the last level you can reach in each language is 25.(There's information on XP needed for each level on the related page on Duolingo Wikia.)
  13. You can reset or remove languages in the settings.
  14. There's a sticky, "[GUIDE] I would like a new course, what should I do?", you'll see it when you enter discussions.
  15. Please read the "Duolingo Wiki FAQ (unofficial, but still amazing)" before posting things you think may be obvious, like "No Japanese Course?!". Specially look at here regarding common faux pas in those cases.
  16. Check Duolingo Help Center!
  17. Admins are the users with a blue circle and star around their profile picture in the discussions, not on an incubator page. The users with Blue circle and shield on an incubator page are course moderators.
  18. You may want to check this old "New user FAQ" as well.
  19. You can use the discussion search engine (guide below) for questions you think may have been asked before, e.g. "TV shows in Irish?". If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to post but state that you couldn't find answers.
  20. Also check the Formatting Guide to make more stylish posts!
  21. You can check Duolingo Wikia for language resources (see Japanese page for example), as well as help for the site.
  22. Check out user-created lessons!
  23. Get the words tab for any language with the manual method. The other method is to use DuoTweak, a userscript.
  24. You can install various userscripts for better usage. Keep in mind that the scripts aren't officially approved or disapproved of, and it's against the guidelines to "script or cheat maliciously":

    Duolingo believes in honest learning. If you are scripting for the purposes of cheating or sharing information and instructions about using Duolingo in a way that may impact the system, community, learning, data or experience in a negative or significant manner, your account and posts may be removed.

  25. A discussion post will be hidden if it reaches 5 downvotes, invisible to everyone who don't know where it is, except for moderators.

Happy learning!

On using the discussion search engine:

For example, if you're looking for study tips:

  • If you search Study AND tip or Study && tip, you'll only get the posts and comments with both words used in them.
  • If you search Study tip or Study OR tip or Study - tip or Study || tip, you'll get the results with either one, or both. (All of the results)
  • If you go to the forums you wish to search in (e.g. Irish) before searching, the results will mostly be within that forum, if possible.


WOW Aria, You truly are in the know of all things Duolingo. I would love to refer to this post in the future but it looks like it might soon be down voted to extinction :(


Change log for the comment above:
2017/3/02 Changed the size of "Guidelines" tip, minor changes.
2017/2/27 No comment made: Added "keep the tree gold" under the first number, and reordered the tips to put more important ones first.
2017/2/19 Deleted it myself: Added a tip after "Don't be a perfectionist", added info about the moderators and moved the tips right below the "Guidelines" tip, added the "Note" in the beginning, created this change log and linked it.
2017/2/15 Here: Merged the two sections of "learning" and "discussions", deleted the "response to Japanese requests" part, numbered the tips, added info about syncing bug.
2017/1/11 This directory: Updated formatting, added more tips and bookmarked it for better usage.
2017/1/6 Major update
2016/12/28 The first update
2016/12/28 I wrote the first version of this comment.


Wow! This is a great comment. I wish I had the power to make you a moderator!


Aria as a Course and Forum Moderator I have to thank you. You've done a great service not only for the learning community but for the team members. Having learners understand the best ways to do things helps them learn more easily and puts less pressure on the team.

There is one small idea I'd love to get across. Unlike our school experiences, it's not a tragedy if we get something wrong. Duo is made to be reviewed repeatedly. No one is judging or grading us, no report cards are going home to be signed by our parents. Learners often seem crushed when one of their answers is not accepted. Answers may not be accepted for various reasons: your idea is original and has not been included in the incubator (you thus help us enrich the course), or there is a glitch and the bot doesn't accept the correct answer etc or... you made a mistake. So what? You learn it and go on from there. That's the nature of Duo you are here to learn and it is the end result that counts.

Follow what Aria has written here and you'll come out knowing a language (or languages).

Again thanks, Aria.

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