"I am the pillow of Michael."

Translation:Eu sunt perna lui Mihai.

January 11, 2017

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Sunt traducătorul pernei. Perna lui Mihai numai vorbește română.


Hey! Did you intend to say that Mihai's pillow no longer speaks Romanian or that it only speaks Romanian?


I don't know anymore really. It spoke to me in Romanian yesterday, but today it's been silent like a normal pillow. I was pretty amazed it knew Romanian though. I only expect pillows to be frumoase like everything and everyone else is in Duo ;)


It's interesting cause numai and nu mai are a common mistake even native Romanians do.

  • numai means only
  • nu mai means no longer

So your placement of numai suggests you might have wanted to say nu mai instead. If you indeed wanted to use numai, then we'd place it like: Perna lui Mihai vorbește numai română.


nu mai numai "numai" mai (no longer only "numai" anymore) :D :D (I suspect this is incorrect grammaticaly in Romanian, but still...)


Very romantic, but for those learning English:
"I am Michael's pillow"

No native speaker would use "of" here.


Who is the pillowcase of the pillow of Michael?


Vorbeste Maria? ;-)

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