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"That athlete has a nice body."

Translation:Εκείνος ο αθλητής έχει ωραίο σώμα.

January 11, 2017



Why is it wrong to say "...ένα ωραίο σώμα"?


This is a question that re-occurs. :)

It isn't "grammatically" wrong, but it IS weird and unnecessary, which makes it ultimately wrong.

It all depends on what you want to point to.

The strongest words here are ωραίο and σώμα (you'll stress σώμα, as if you're pointing to that great bod, mmm). Εκείνος ο αθλητής έχει ωραίο ΣΩΜΑ, μμμ! LOL

You can also say the same sentence and stress the word ωραίο.

But if you said ένα and stressed it, it would mean "one."

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