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" tóir ar spórt san Ísiltír."

Translation:Sport is popular in the Netherlands.

January 11, 2017



Really? "Sport is popular" ? Gee, I wonder why I got that one wrong, sigh.


See this discussion. If you’d like to have this exercise updated in the same way, use the Report a Problem button to bring it to the course creators’ attention.


“They are keen on sport...” , rejected by DL, is the meaning offered by Ó Dónaill. Frustrating, but I suppose there are too many more or less valid renderings of this phrase for DL to cope with. I’ll report it again.


Read it again - Tá tóir ar spórt acu, "they are keen on sport". It's the presence of acu that gives you "they" in that example from the FGB.

In this case, there is no indication of who sport is popular with, just that it is popular.

You can always argue that the "They are keen on sport in the Netherlands" is just an active voice version of the passive "Sport is popular in the Netherlands", with a non-specific "they", but that argument isn't based on an example in the FGB.


Why not "sports"..

[deactivated user]

    spórt - "sport"
    spóirt - "sports"

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