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Listening component - unclear recording

Sometimes, I feel that the recording is a bit unclear, it sounds like someone who is talking with their mouth full.

June 20, 2012



I have to agree with you there; the pauses between words are far too short...


This is how French-speakers talk. If you think about it, if they were trying to learn English, they would probably say we speak too fast as well. When someone is speaking their native tongue, it tends to come more naturally and therefore the person speaks faster and fluidly.


I agree with bookreader. I have been studying french for almost a year now and have come across native french speakers and am able to understand them. I'm using duolingo to do a review and frankly I don't understand much of what the recording says. Most of the time I understand the star of the sentence and the end, but the rest just sounds muffled to me.


@crusader1240: I understand where you're coming from but I feel there's definitely a difference to the recording and a native speaker talking


Some things are badly garbled, for example "À plus !" and "Elle parle".

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