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"Jeg vil gjerne ha et rom med en stor seng."

Translation:I would like a room with a large bed.

January 11, 2017



Could you say this sentence the following way: "Jeg vil ha et rom med en stor seng." ? My impression is that using "vil gjerne" is only to give a more polite way of asking, while the way i said is more demanding. Am i right or wrong?


I am not sure how to pronounce certain things in Norwegian when it comes to the letter "R," because I don't know whether the voice is glitching out. Let's say that, such as in this sentence, we have the phrase "en stor seng," where one word ends with an "r" and another begins with an "s." Would it be pronounced "en stor seng," or would it obey the rule where putting an "rs" makes a "sh" sound, and be pronounced "en sto sheng?"


Why "stor seng" is not pronounced with "rs"?

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