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  5. "Hvilke sygdomme har jeg?"

"Hvilke sygdomme har jeg?"

Translation:Which illnesses do I have?

January 11, 2017



Disease is considered to be similar to illness?


Diseases means illnesses in english. Which illnesses do i have is wrong english grammer.


When I answered 'What illnesses do I have?', Duo marked me wrong because it wanted me to say 'which' rather than 'what'. I was wondering if there's any way to distinguish between 'which' and 'what' in Danish. Could someone tell me?


I think she ment "what kind" . "Which illness do I have" "What (kind of) illness do I have". There may be many ways to say the same thing but i guess Duo marks it as wrong to ensure we learn properly; you can't have every possible translation in anyway.

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