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  5. "Desde marzo hasta mayo."

"Desde marzo hasta mayo."

Translation:From March until May.

February 19, 2013



What is a difference between "desde...hasta..." and "de...a..."? Duolingo translates it in both cases as "from ... to ..." and I am a bit confused.


Me, too. If it translates the same, it seems much easier to just use "de...a..."


I could use an explanation on this as well. Desde seems to have popped up without us learning it...


That's how Duolingo works - words pop up and you just figure them out :) If you want further explanation, you go research online or here.

E.g.: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/125884/a-vs.-hasta-de-vs.-desde.-when-do-you-use-which

From what I've gathered desde .. hasta is closer to since..until while de...a is rather from..to. Seems that the latter can be used for spatial relationships while the former can't, e.g. De Madrid a Bilbao.


Are de and desde interchangeable in this context?


"Any time from March to May" or "cualquier tiempo entre marzo y mayo" could refer to April for example, therefore has a different meaning to "Desde marzo hasta mayo", which covers the entire period of time between March and May.


Ad in newspaper for restaurant supply company: Proveemos equipo desde tortillerias hasta refrigerdores (My translation: We provide equipment from tortilla makers to refrigerators.) In my limited experience, I think this grammatical construction is used often.


Is "any time from March to May" a valid translation? Or does "desde...hasta..." always refer to the entire period when used with months/times?


I think it is referring to the entire period.

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