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  5. "My beard and my moustache"

"My beard and my moustache"

Translation:Моя борода і мої вуса

January 12, 2017



"Вуса" here is plural?


Yes, that is correct. This word in singular is used in phraseological units or in word combination ''китовий вус''.


Is it not odd that beard and moustache are feminine words, since it's usually males or those who take male hormones are usually the ones who grow them? I thought that words that were typically identified as masculine or feminine were easily learned as being such. Some words were a toss-up, and could go either way, but beard and moustache do surprise me.


actually, "вуса" is plural, but it comes from вус (would be something like half a moustache in English, I guess), and вус is masculine.

Also words are masculine, feminine or neutral in Ukrainian not based on some innate characteristics of the object they describe but simply based on its superficial sound pattern - so if they end with -a they are very likely to be feminine, for example, and there are many other patterns.

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