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  5. "Jak on ma na imię?"

"Jak on ma na imię?"

Translation:What is his name?

January 12, 2017



What is the litteral translation of this?


Word-by-word translation: How/what he has on/for his name.

Maybe „What has he for his name” makes a little sense?

But „mieć na imię” is a fixed phrase and should't be treated as separate entities.


Given that "What is his name?" Isn't a literal translation, why isn't the alternative colloquial expression, "What is he called?" not accepted?


OK, we've recently equaled "His name is Marek" and "He is called/named Marek", so I guess it's good enough here as well. Added.

Just remember that the Polish question asks for his first name, so some answers to "What is he called?" wouldn't really be good answers to the original question.


Shouldn't 'What is his forename?' be accepted?


Although grammatically correct, that is a very unnatural sentence to say


It would be unusual in conversation, where you would normally say 'first' (or 'Christian') name if you wanted to distinguish it from the surname, but quite natural in formal contexts.


I'd say even in formal contexts, 'first name' would be more commonly used than 'forename'.


What is the function of 'na' in this sentence?


It works literally like "for name". You just have to remember it as a fixed phrase. "Mam na imię Marek", "On ma na imię Michał", etc.

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