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  5. "Can I see the magazine?"

"Can I see the magazine?"

Translation:¿Puedo ver la revista?

February 19, 2013



What's the difference between veo and ver in this sentence?


"Veo" is "(I) see," while "ver" is "to see."

It helps to understand that "poder" is an action verb meaning "to be able," not an auxiliary verb like the English "can." So what you're asking here is "Am I able to see the magazine."


Why is "ver a" not accepted here?


You only need the personal when its referring to a person. Magazines aren't people


Especially since 'he doesn't allow me to see my friends' is translated as 'él no me permite de ver a mis amigos'.

What's the reasoning behind this?


Amigos are people. You must use 'a' when the direct objects are people.


is Puedo ver el periodico wrong ?


I would think so. You're asking to see a newspaper rather than a magazine. It's likely that you've already figured this out, but I felt that I should comment in case anyone else had the same question.


These nouns are not cognates. In English, newspapers and magazines are both periodicals; a review also is a periodical but generally has a narrower, more literary or legal association.


i always use podria (accent on "i") for could i? it seems more polite. but also have been told in some places, it's too polite. any comments on that? i would love to hear!


I also use this. It is the conditional tense, and is basically asking for a yes/no answer.


Gotta love getting the new stuff right and then writing el periodico instead of la revista -_-


Is me puedo ver la revista also correct?

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the same question ((


My instinct was to phrase it this way too, so I'd like to know.


¿Puedo ver las revistas pornos?


It is marking "Yo puedo ver la revista?" as incorrect -- should it be correct?


The "yo" is usually not used unless there is a specific purpose to do so.


"In Spanish, the general form is for the noun to follow the verb. The noun can either appear immediately after the verb or appear later in the sentence.

In the following examples, either Spanish question is a grammatically valid way of expressing the English:

¿Va Pedro al mercado? ¿Va al mercado Pedro? (Is Pedro going to the market?)

¿Tiene que ir Roberto al banco? ¿Tiene que ir al banco Roberto? (Does Roberto have to go to the bank?)"

Placing a subject pronoun at the beginning of the question likely falls into this category. Notice in particular the second question.


This is similar to the English: in a question, you ask "can I?" not "I can?"


Is it not correct to say "¿Me permites ver la revista?"


Quizás sí pero eso es específica o está limitado a un cierto contexto de pedir permiso pero el verbo poder no es necesariamente una pregunta de permiso sino de ser capaz en algo generalmente. Puedo yo hacer algo? Quizás no... No porque no tienes permiso pero no eres capaz. Entiende bien ahora?


"I don't know, can you?" How well I remember using the type of phrase in this exercise when I was growing up and getting a similar response. In English, we ask "May I...?". It's more polite and more correct.


But let us note, nobody but a jerk will misunderstand you in any English dialect I'm aware of.


What's wrong with Me permite ver la revista?


"Can I see" differs significantly from "do you permit me to see". The original does not necessarily ask permission, nor does it have a second-person subject. Depending on context, the two may express equivalent intention, but they are not the same.


Hey. Just letting others know- I put "Puedo mirar la revista?" and was counted correct. (I thought about using ver but went with mirar).


Revista= Magacin


So far Duolingo has taught me the word revista for magazine but all of a sudden it says this is the correct translation. "¿Puedo ver el magacín?" It doesn't even say that at the top of this thread!


Did you use the article "el" instead of "la" in your answer? That might explain it correcting you to the masculine "magacín" rather than the feminine "revista."


Why is "revista" wrong?


I used mirar which was accepted but also used revista which wasnt accepted. Only magacin. Why is that?


I used el revista as magazine and it says incorrect? Was correct last time I tried the same question

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