"Is someone there?"

Translation:Oes rhywun yno?

January 12, 2017

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Would: ydy rhywun yno, also be correct


No, any "Is there indefinite subject" question takes "Oes". i.e "Oes beiro ar y bwrdd?" (Is ther a biro on the table) vs "Ydy'r beiro ar y bwrdd?" (Is the biro on the table).


In fact I this isn't a rule I learnt for Welsh, instead I've transfered it from my cornish which is where you might recognize it from mizinamo.


...I never drew the connection between eus - usi and oes - ydy before.

It makes sense that the two would be parallel! But for some reason, the Welsh had always confused me a little.

Hopefully it will be easier for me to remember! Thank you very much!


As EllisV has said, Oes...? is the question word for the existence of indefinite things:

  • Oes teigr yn yr ardd? is asking about the possible existence of any old tiger in the garden.
  • Ydy Tim y teigr yn yr ardd? is asking about the presence of a specific, identified tiger called Tim in the garden.


This helps me a lot. Diolch.


If you are asking is a person there then it becomes definite? Does it depend on the context as to whether it is ydy or oes?

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