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Can't get rid of unwanted language

I accidentally pressed German as one of my languages and now I can't get it off my profile. They should include in the app update a way to delete languages off your profile. But they should still keep the progress just in case you delete the language you actually wanted to learn

February 28, 2014



You can remove languages in the settings area. You can always add it again.


But don't you lose your progress ?


If you do, you can test out of skills.


Except sometimes you do mistakes on the Test out and it doesn't take you where you should be, I had that happen


Look on the bright side, it means you can retake those things you made mistakes on and make sure it's solid now to avoid future mistakes. :D


You do, unfortunately, at least, that's how it seems.


If you have signed up for a course with a German base language, and it is the only course with that base language, I think you can't remove it. At least, that is something that people have talked about before.

If you aren't sure what I mean by base and target language, here is an explanation:

Target language is the language you are trying to learn.

Base language is the language you are learning from.

(I am learning Spanish from English. My target language is Spanish. My base language is English.

I hope this helps! (Also, I don't normally help out in Troubleshooting because I'm not a tech person. It is possible that someone with more know-how will stop by if I'm wrong. ^_^)


I did the exact same thing. I learn spanish and french and accidentally pressed german


settings-languages-remove a language I tried it and it did work but it does delete progress which is fine because i have none on german because i dont learn it. hope this is helpful....


Good instructions. Your advice is still helping people. Thank You Addison.


You will need to log in on a laptop or desktop to delete unwanted languages


I don't have a section for learning languages under my settings page, there are only your profile, daily goal, general, accessibility and notifications. Please help guys. Call it OCD, but I can't stand the language I chosen accidentally in my list of languages, especially since I've already finished another language to its entirety. Thanks!


can somebody help me i put korean as one of my languages and it all turned to korean and i don't know what it says please help.


Use the menu here to change it: http://www.duolingo.com/settings/direction. Do NOT click on any grey text. In the future you can also visit the Wiki's faq then go to the courses tab, then how to change my course. It has visual directions of how to do this in case you dont have the direct link. The wiki is here: http://duolingo.wikia.com (full og good stuff you should check it out.). ^_^


changed it to arbic and cant get it back to english


Why is there no such section in my settings?


same with me but only with french


yeah. I accidently clicked French when I meant to click Spanish.


i didn't understand this. can you make it more understandable. :D


go to your settings then go to learning languages, right under see all languages is a button that says reset or change. Hope this helped.


Thank you so much i finally was able to delete the language i didnt want!!!


I have all of these languages on my IPad, and I just want to keep Swedish! I don't know how to delete the other languages. I have a IPad mini, so I guess it is different on how to delete


you can't delete it on an app, you can only delete it on the web version (duolingo.com)


I want to delete some languages but I can't find reset or remove


How do I remove a language from duolingo on my cellular phone?


you can't :-( it's not a feature, at least not yet


I can't find it... Help


On my laptop, "Reset or remove languages" does not appear. Any tips? How can I report this problem?

[deactivated user]

    Go into settings (click on your icon). On the right hand bar, click 'Learning Language'. There'll be a faint grey bar under 'See all language courses'.
    It says 'Reset or remove languages'. Click on that and choose which one you want to remove. DONE!


    I've been wanting to delete most of the language I've selected, since they kind of get in the way of my German practice, but since I have mobile version, every time I try and go to the settings and delete them, I see not buttons what so ever that say DELETE language or whatever. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME


    I think you have to be on the website to delete them. You can go to settings, or just click on the flag at the upper left of the tree.


    but do remember you cant have no languages so if you have 1 left you need another one to delete it


    While true, this is a fact with little consequence. If you want to fully deactivate your account, you deactivate your account. If you merely want to get rid of all languages from a second base language, indeed you can't exactly do it. But when you zero out your progress from that base language, there's no functional distinction between that and theoretically being able to totally delete it (i.e. you'll never see any hint of those trees, nor will anyone else, and if you ever returned there, it would be as if you'd never been before).


    woah you have a lot of languages... B-]


    Yes there is, I want to remove my English with Portuguese base language course and I can't because it's the only one. I don't wanna deactivate my account, I just don't wanna use Portuguese as a base language for any course


    Hi, I wanted to try the Placement test for English from Czech language. Now I'd like to remove the language, but I'm only able to reset the progress. How do I delete it? I don't want to add any course like English from French or such.


    You can't. Read my two others posts in this forum for why this is not an issue in any conceivable way.


    it's really sad :-( I want to delete my French-English course because I'm already good at English I don't need to learn it from a different language. i hope the duolingo team works more on these things rather than just simple aesthetics


    um very useful unless you cant read ariac!


    thanks it didn't work can't read aribic


    im leaning french i accidentally did spanish...


    really mino????!!!!!????


    I guess you can only do it on the website because I couldn't find it on the app. If you found it on the app please tell me it would be really helpful.


    How do you remove a language on the mobile app


    If you delete the language on a web browser first, then uninstall the app then re-download it and sign in. It takes the data from the web, and signs in with what is on the online source. It worked for me. Hope it works for you.


    I had the same problem but if you open the app from this web page or another online one it gives you the option that everyone said works. Tried it and succeeded.


    With an iOS I recommend getting on the website then log in, go to setting, learning language, restart and reset languages.


    How do I do this? There is no learning language setting


    I wanted to learn sweedish but I then decided I didn't want to and I now can't delete it


    I have been tryingfive tryning to follow these instructions but I have tried so many times and it doesn't/ hasn't worked. What do I do? What did I do wrong?


    In case you still have this problem: Log on a computer, go to Settings and remove any unwanted course, then go back to your phone and there log out and log in again. All done.


    To Antoniates555, How you do it is you go onto settings, then click learning language, then it will say reset or remove a language, you click that then remove your German language


    I have this problem but I can get to the part in settings where you can delete languages but the delete button doesn't work


    I can’t delete high Valyrian from my languages. I’ve looked at the advice here but can’t seem to find the menu mentioned.


    I can’t delete high Valyrian from my languages. I’ve looked at the advice here but can’t seem to find the menu mentioned.

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