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Student has taken same lesson 5 times.

Student has taken the Basic 1 lesson 5 times but cant unlock the next lesson

January 12, 2017



There are three lessons inside the "Basics 1" skill set in the Spanish for English speakers course. Has your student completed all three lessons?

Here is a post (with screen shots) that explains how to advance to the next skill set:

If that does not help, can you provide a screen shot of the first few skill sets on the student's home page?


I had her logout and sign back in it worked.


She has taken lesson 1 in basic 1 five times and lesson 2 is still locked


If she has completed lesson 1, then lesson 2 is not locked. She just hasn't clicked on it.

If lesson 2 is still locked, then lesson 1 hasn't been completed.

It sounds like your student is a bit confused about what's going on. It's probably going to be best to get her to bring you her phone, or to long onto Duolingo in one of the computers in your classroom, so that you can help her with starting lesson 2.


why can't I complete the last question of lesson 5. It will not let me answer the question, so I cannot move on to the next assignment


My best guess is that it's one of those questions where you have to type the translated word - you also have to click either "il", "la", "i", or "gli".

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