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"Io aspetto finché trovi il cane."

February 19, 2013



Despite finché being translated as until, till, while - "I wait while you find the dog" is marked wrong! Is there a reason for this?

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The action of finding doesn't extend in time, so it can only mark the end of the action of waiting; if you want to use while in English you should use "I wait while you look for the dog", but that changes the sentence too much.


That's not strictly true for English (at least American English). "I wait while you find the dog" is fine.


I wait till you find the dog. Till = until, so this should be correct too.


Alternate translations: I wait until he/she finds the dog. I wait until I find the dog. yes or no?


No. The verb form is very specific: "Trovi". That can only mean "YOU find". (singular) If you wanted to say "I wait until he/she finds the dog", you would say: "Io aspetto finché trova il cane" and if you wanted to say "I wait until I find the dog", you would say "Io aspetto finché trovo il cane".

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