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  5. "Αυτός ο ελέφαντας"

"Αυτός ο ελέφαντας"

Translation:This elephant

January 12, 2017



Should I not say "this elephant" as "αυτο ο ελεφαντας"? I was under the impression "αυτοσς" is the equivalent of "he"...


"αυτός" is "he" but also "this" and "that".


...for masculine nouns.

So αυτός ο ελέφαντας "this elephant", αυτή η καμηλοπάρδαλη "this giraffe", αυτό το γουρούνι "this pig".


Ελέφαντας is a masculine noun


"Autós o eléfantas" why is it not correct?


Because it asks you to translate it, not to write it with English characters.


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Why when I used 'Αυτός' with πελεκάνος, did it mark it incorrect and stated it should be 'αυτό', but it's correct with ελέφαντας?


The sentence with "πελεκάνος" uses...."Ο πελεκάνος" because it means...."the pelican".

For this sentence, we see...Αυτός ο ελέφαντας. because it means: This elephant.

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