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  5. "Har landmanden kun en høne?"

"Har landmanden kun en høne?"

Translation:Does the farmer only have a hen?

January 13, 2017



"Has the farmer only one hen" seems to me, as an English (Australian) speaker, a perfectly logical way to say this, but it is not accepted. Having only one hen would be worth questioning.


I agree, especially when first reading this sentence. I suppose there are two different ways of looking at it, though. You can say, as you do, 'only one hen' and not five, or you can interpret this sentence as meaning that the hen the only animal is the farmer has, or perhaps the only thing in the world. Or does the former, as I was wondering, require 'en' to be 'én'?


Wow - holy abstracted translation, batman. You're right, that's the olde English I remember from nursery rhymes, from a time when Danish and English were more closely aligned!


In German, it is still "Hat der Bauer nur ein Huhn?" But you could even say, though it sounds funny today: "Hat der Landmann nur ein Huhn?" Instead of "Huhn" you can also use "Henne".

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