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Klingon as a language choice for new Incubator languages?

I was looking around the Incubator pages and clicked the new course button. The drop down language menu apparently has Klingon, would this ever happen or is it just a bit of a joke? Let's get Sheldon Cooper as a contributor ;)

February 28, 2014



Oh boy, if they start implementing constructed languages I'm never going to leave this site.


Well, Esperanto is quite far already, isn't it?


It wasn't when they posted.


Oh right, I never look at when something's posted. I don't even know why this thread existed back then, but I do remember that I had seen Klingon in the Incubator 'some' time ago...


It's not a joke. People can apply to help create conlanguages, including but not limited to Klingon. :) http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply They will need to be fluent in Klingon and one other language.


The KLI hasn't responded to my email for weeks, though. :-(


you never said that when i had a conversation about contributing to klingon and can you add vulcan maybe thanks anyways.


Hi B.K.Sean I'm not staff so I don't control which courses go up. But, staff have said that people can apply to create a conlang course. :)


In this case, is there a chance of seeing some Dothraki or something? in the future of course..


If people sign up for it! I know that the Duolingo is hoping to have 50 language pairs by the end of 2014. I think they already have an idea of which pairs they want. So, I'm not sure if it will happen in 2014. But, as usual, Staff have been vague enough that I couldn't say anything with anymore surety than the next bunny!


can you add vulcan maybe i dont know


I second this, I would never leave Duolingo if Vulcan gets offered as a language in the future.


i know right i can make that happen and romulan. XD wait not romulan


If there is going to be a Klingon course on this website, then there should be a availability for Elvish as well.


I would help,but my klingon knowledge is limited to insults, curses, ranks, and shipboard terms


Sounds like you know all of Klingon to me.


Definitely not a joke. My most anticipated languages are Russian and Esperanto.


i dont speak either of those


Oh my gosh!!! Maybe Elvish next? ;-)


yes but i cant contribute to all thes OK


I guess that even if I still can't learn Chinese over here, I'll at least be able to add Esperanto and Klingon to my resume.


...Seriously? They're making Klingon->English, but haven't even done Japanese/Chinese->English. I mean, that's cool and everything, but I've been waiting for Jpn/Chn->Eng to appear for ages!



There are a lot of challenges awaiting for Jpn for Eng course, posted somewhere else in the forum (sorry, I can't find it :-) )

  1. A Japanese sentence has a lot of possible English sentences, some exceeding DL's maximum number of possible translation, and

  2. It's very hard to parse out kanas and kanji in a Japanese sentence.

Try to ask @Usagiboy7 for anything related to Japanese course in DL in case you want to confirm my post.


Very good points. I can imagine such languages being a nightmare to accurately Duolingoify... :)

Hopefully completing the English->Japanese course will help them get the corresponding course off the ground quicker.


xD Sheldon Cooper nice!!! That deserves a LIngot!!!


Come on guys, Klingon instead of Japanese?


hey i already contributed to that okay


If there's Klingon then there should be Elvish!


I have always wanted to learn Klingon. It looks fun. My family was talking about learning Klingon. Some of my family said it was ridiculous. I think it will be a challenge for the brain.


Klingon is awesome, I will totally enroll if you get it going! Go Klingon!

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