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"Voi tăiați și spălați legumele de supă."

Translation:You cut and wash the soup vegetables.

January 13, 2017



I think the correct English form is ”the vegetables for the soup”, not ”soup vegetables”. Can we have the opinion of an English native?


I agree, and I'm a native English speaker. That's the way I translated it, but it was not accepted. You could say "soup vegetables" but that would be extremely uncommon to hear.


Lol i can imagine being at the store and telling a friend to get the soup vegetables... They would definitely make fun of me saying something like "oh, vegetables that are only for soup..? Let's see, let's go down the 'soup vegetable' aisle"


Another way to say it would be "the soup's vegetables".


i also agree, whether grammatically correct or not no one will say cut and wash the soup vegetables


"The vegetables for the soup" is now accepted 11-2018


One would say "soup bones" over "bones for soup" .


The electronic pronunciation of this is hard to follow. The two verb endings sound different when they should be the same.


I almost got this one but was confused because Ive never heard anyone say soup vegetables even though technically its not improper english


I put 'the vegetables for soup' but it was marked wrong.

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