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"Inginerul măsoară suprafața clădirii."

Translation:The engineer measures the surface of the building.

January 13, 2017



isn't cladirii plural?


No. It's our way of indicating possession for feminine nouns.

So we have the noun clădire (feminine noun, plural: clădiri).

If we want to say of the buliding we say clădirii:

  • suprafața clădirii (the surface of the building / the building's surface)
  • paznicul clădirii (the guardian of the building / the building's guardian)
  • geamul clădirii (the window of the building / the building's window)

If we wany to say of the buildings we say clădirilor.

For a masculine noun, like urs (plural: urși, bear), we would say ursului and for plural urșilor:

  • Laba ursului (the paw of the bear / the bear's paw)
  • Ucigașul urșilor (the killer of the bears / the bears' killer)


Thank you very much. A little bit illogical and very hard to learn:)


not really... think about the fact that to articulate the feminine noun, you just add the i at the end, like ”clădire”-”clădirei”, but then it becomes a bit more difficult to pronounce (due to the fact that in romanian all vowels are pronounced), so the ”-ei” at the end transforms in ”-ii”, which is easier to say.

Edit: to clarify, the word ”clădirei” is wrong, it does not exist in modern Romanian (but it was used in the past). However, the articled forms in ”-ei” are quite common for nouns ending in ”ă”, and they followed the same logic like above. Ex: carpetă-carpetei (the form carpetăi is hard to pronounce), casă-casei, etc., but lingură-lingurii.

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