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Can I set as base language other than English?

Can I set as base language other than English? I mean for example, I am practicing French, but I would love to do Spanish-French rather that English-French.

Thank you!

February 28, 2014



Hi Sandyalex, you would need to sign up for a Spanish-French course.

Right now, there is a French for Spanish speakers course in beta (Phase 2) right now. You can watch it's progress here: https://www.duolingo.com/courses/es

Also, there is a Spanish for French speakers course in Phase 1. It will need to finish Incubating before anyone can take it. You can watch it's progress here: https://www.duolingo.com/courses/fr

I hope this helps! ^_^


Hi! I'm learning Italian and had to settle with "English-Italian" since "Spanish-Italian" was not available then. Now that has been released, I would love to "migrate" my level 12 to that language base. Do you know if there's any intention to make this possible?


In the past, there was 1 Italian course no matter which other course you learned it from. Now there is more than 1 Italian course, so the level will not transfer. I haven´t learned of any plans to change it.


OK. I'll toss a coin on whether lever my level 12 or start all over with Spanish as base. Thanks! ;)


It won't erase your level 12 or the progrss you've made. Once you switch back to that base language, everything will appear just as you left it. And I believe that the flag with the largest number will be displayed.


are they still on beta phase? will you lose all your progress if you switch from the english version?


You will never lose progress by switching around to another language. You can go back and forth as you please, as long as you are in the same Duolingo account.

More information in

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