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"Fotbalul este un sport de echipă."

Translation:Soccer is a team sport.

January 13, 2017



sorry, can we use football instead of soccer, I think "soccer" is an american word, not european


I'll report it too, I don't understand what the reason the word "football" it's not being accepted in this case


Does fotbal also mean the actual football ball too?


No. We just call it minge (ball) or, if we need to differentiate it form other balls, minge de fotbal (football ball).


Why "THE soccer is a team sport" is considered as a mistake?


Because in English you don't put the article on activities/games. You don't say "the soccer" or "the baseball" or "the fishing" whenever you speak in general. Seems like in Romanian you do have to use the article, and hence translating literally to English isn't correct :)

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