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"Ele disse que passaria na festa."

Translation:He said that he would stop by at the party.

January 13, 2017



I wrote 'He said that he would come by the party', which was marked wrong. In English, the meanings are equivalent in this context.


I wonder if you wrote 'He said that he would come to the party' would the knowledge base behind that jscript accept that? Ironic that I use a conditional to describe another one. Gotta try that. I'll wager a lingot that one-word change would have made it right.


In English, we would never say stop 'by at' the party. We either 'stop by the party' or 'stop at the party'


Thanks, I used "At" because I was afraid of not passing. Lol


I wrote "He said that he would stop by at the party." and it wasn't accepted. Have flagged it.


Why is na festa used, not pela festa. I still get confused with this fundamental little thing

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