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  5. "Το λεμόνι είναι δικό μου."

"Το λεμόνι είναι δικό μου."

Translation:The lemon is mine.

January 13, 2017



I'm confused about "δικό μου". To me, it's redundant. Seems like i'm saying "mine, my own" or something.


"my own" is two words, just like δικό μου.

Δικό μου is just as little redundant as "my own" is.


the sentence before was είναι δικό"ς" μου .. what's the difference?


δικός μου is the masculine form used for masculine-gender nouns (e.g. ο σκύλος είναι δικός μου, the dog is mine), δική μου is feminine (e.g. η γάτα είναι δική μου), and δικό μου is for neuter nouns such as το λεμόνι.


Merci beaucoup vous êtes à chaque fois très pédagogue


Does the sentence make sense if you remove δικό?



A bit like how "The lemon is my" makes no sense in English -- "my" is only used together with a noun, and similarly possessive μου needs something before it.


Hello, a bit off topic perhaps but where is my typo? https://i.imgur.com/XIKh2Gw.jpg


Looks like an error on our part -- "The lemon'is mine" is one of the accepted results, but shouldn't be. That apostrophe seems to be confusing Duolingo (and everyone else). I'll try to fix it.

Thanks! (And sorry.)

And thank you very much for the screenshot! Lingot for you.


Why thank you! The answer was accepted so no problem on my part. But it appears there was a bug and I helped solve it so you're welcome! Also thanks for the quick response.

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