"To drink too much"

Translation:Yfed gormod

January 13, 2017



My guess was yfed ormod with gormod softly mutated since it's an adverb, but Duo says it's yfed gormod.

Can yfed ormod also be used? Or yfed yn ormod?

January 13, 2017


yfed gormod is correct. gormod exists as both an adjective (excessive, say) and as a noun (an excess, plural gormodion):

  • yfed gormod - drinking an excess = drinking/to drink too much

yn ormod would work, too, in conjunction with a verb:

  • Mae Hefin yn yfed yn ormod - Hefin is drinking excessively/to excess/too much

And we can also be more specific:

  • Dych chi wedi yfed gormod o ddŵr/gwrw/sudd/[laeth/lefrith]/goffi... - You have drunk too much water/beer/juice/milk/coffee...
January 13, 2017


Thank you very much!

January 14, 2017


Hmm, I personally would say "yfed gormod" and "yfed ormod" feels wrong, but I can't give a reason why so it might be correct.

January 13, 2017
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