"I bring you a black dog."

Translation:Ție îți aduc un câine negru.

January 13, 2017

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I don't have any tips and notes on my computer screen on left had side, just a cross that offers me to be able to quit.

So... why it is Ție îți in this sentence and with him it was îi + verb + lui please?


Is "Eu ți-aduc ție un câine negru" really wrong or is it just not programmed in as a correct response? If it is wrong, what are the rules for when îți can be shortened?


Ir you are working from a computer or tablet, see the 'tips & notes' in your left corner on top ot the screen, but if you're working from a smartphone, the explanation in on the main screen in the section/bubble of dative pronouns.


It's not programmed in as a correct response.


"vouă vă aduc un câine negru", can anyone explain why this answer is wrong?


It is correct. Report it if it is not accepted.


Why is ”Ție” at the beginning of the sentence? I thought the stressed form of the pronouns, such as ”Ție”, are used ”independently, in isolated constructions, or as a repetitive element, for emphasis” (this is according to Duolingo).

Shouldnt it be ”Eu îți aduc un câine negri”, instead?


Where are the tips? I am fed up with trying to work out the rules as the pronouns seem to change position at random!


Îți aduc ție un câine negru - accepted as correct. So the word order: "ție îți aduc" or "îți aduc ție" really doesn't matter?


I think the first form is more used : "ție îți aduc un câine negru" " I bring YOU a black dog" , The other form looks more scolar Eu îți aduc ție un câine negru" ...

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