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Can? Could? Would?

Hi there, I've been in the Greek course for about 3 months now and I see the end of the course (I'm in the history unit now) but I haven't seen any examples on the use of "can." I know from songs that there is μπορώ. Is this not included in the course or am I somehow unable to see it?

Does it have a past form like "could" in English? Is there anything similar to "would?"

Are "religion" and "cond. per" units the last units of the course or is there anything forthcoming?

Thanks everybody, it's great to learn from you!

January 13, 2017



Simple past of μπορώ is μπόρεσα; imperfect is μπορούσα (for repeated actions etc.).

"would" is θα + imperfect, e.g. θα έλεγα "I would say", θα πλήρωνα "I would pay", θα είχα αγοράσει "I would have bought", etc.


thank you mizinamo!

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