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"He is a quarter Norwegian and a quarter Danish and a half Greek."

Translation:El este un sfert norvegian și un sfert danez și o jumătate grec.

January 14, 2017



I think that in Romanian we can omit the indefinite article before "half": "El este un sfert norvegian și un sfert danez și jumătate grec." As a Romanian native speaker, this sentence is completely natural to me and expresses the same idea.


I did omit the "o" and my answer was rejected. :(


That's right, it's better without "o" jumătate


I thought the same and wrote it as such, still rejected :(


Sounds like the House of Glücksberg, which contains the current monarchs of Norway and Denmark as well as Greece's last King


I'm more used to "jumate" or just "juma". is it that jumatate is the proper word, jumate is less formal, and juma is slang? jumi juma?


Well, jumătate is the "proper" term, I don't think it makes sense to further classify the other two. All three of them are in the DEX anyway.
Side-note: I think "juma de" is functionally different. I've only heard and used it to mean "half of". So I wouldn't say: "e ora șase juma" or "vreau doar juma".


thank you! how often would you personally actually use "jumatate"? is it usually jumate?


Unless, I'd want to gain a certain rhythm in my speech, I'd always use "jumate".

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