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"Bạn một tài khoản của mạng hội này không?"

Translation:Do you have an account on this social network?

January 14, 2017



This is not a good English sentence. Maybe a better one would be: "do you have an account on (or with) this social network?" It may make sense in Vietnamese but it's an awkward English sentence.


Agreed - "for" would also work


Good luck getting it corrected. This program is full of ❤❤❤❤❤❤ translations which have been reported. None of them are ever fixed


This is better English: "Do you have an account on that social network?"


An "account of" something also has the meaning "an explanation of that thing". That's not to say that "account of" cannot indicate possession of the account but we use that to mean ownership of the account (to be the name on the account) . We are more likely to say, "close out John's account" than to say, "close out the account of John." We say, "John has an account with/at (not of) a bank," or "He has an account on (not of) facebook."


DL should correct the sentence. "From" is not correct.


Possessive forms in English almost never use "of". Correct translation but incorrect English.


"Eye of the tiger," "home of the brave," "scent of a woman," "Gospel of John" can all be posessives--- some more naturally than others, without being grammatically wrong. There is a hymn which says "house of my Father" rather than "my Father's house." Nevertheless, "You do not wish to go to the party of John?" is simply not native English.


Duo Lingo has directly translated the sentence, particularly the 'của' (which translates to 'of').


Has this been fixed yet?


Apparently not...got zapped.

Seriously, the crying shame is that if DL didn't put up electric fences around all their course, preventing PEOPLE TRYING TO HELP from helping, this stuff could have been fixed years ago.

Edit: 11/18/2019, still zapping good English for three years running!

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