"Я граю у хокей."

Translation:I play hockey.

January 14, 2017

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Does hockey mean field hockey (on grass) or ice hockey or either?

[deactivated user]

    Technically it can mean either, but I believe without additional context it would be understood to mean ice hockey, because it's more popular.


    Дуже дякую Ґрейсон Перкинс (Greyson) і Шєрая Жаба за вашу поміч! :) I use Android in DL....that's probably 'why' I'm 'missing' things. Thanks for the clarification. :)


    Дякую Шєрая Жаба! :) I've always wondered about that. We've never used an 'y' with a sport when we grew up. After all these years of conversing in Ukrainian, I'm still learning! I really enjoy it.


    I didn't realize there are 'different' versions of Ukrainian Duolingo'.... so there's a PC version that is different to android cellphone? Are both 'versions' monitored the same way? And are MY comments located on the PC version when I use android? (I just want to know WHERE My Comments 'end up', & Who 'sees' them. Thanks for any clarifications in advance! :)

    [deactivated user]

      The courses have the same content (the sentences you learn), but in the web version, the courses also have 'Tips and Notes' with explanations for the lessons. Unfortunately, they are missing on some mobile applications (I don't know, maybe iOS, maybe Android, maybe both). Also, the exercises are not the same: in the web version, you have to type the text, while in some mobile applications, you have to move the words in place.

      The comments are shared between the web, Android and iOS versions. Anyone can see them, or comment on them.

      The reports written through the 'Report an error' button are only visible to the course authors, on the other hand. But I don't know if this button is available in mobile applications...

      The web version is not only available on PC. It might work on your device, if you open duolingo.com in your browser. I haven't tried that, though.

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