"Contabilitatea este ușoară pentru cei care sunt buni la matematică."

Translation:Accounting is easy for the ones who are good at mathematics.

January 14, 2017

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I'd say 'accounting is easy for those who are good at maths' or 'accounting is easy for people who are good at maths'


You are correct, minus the plural.


Maths is correct in British English.


Definitely swap "the ones" for "those".


Although the abbreviation math(US) or maths(UK) would be natural, there seems nothing wrong with using the full word - mathematics. However the use of "the ones" instead of "those" seems just wrong whichever side of the Atlantic we happen to live on.

From a slightly different angle the English sentence is also ambiguous - and I'd be interested to know if that applies to the Romanian sentence as well.

Does this mean the job, accountancy, is easy...., or does this mean "keeping accounts" is easy. While schoolchild English might not notice the difference, I think most people would.


English native speakers, is the English translation correct?


I'm not English native speaker, but what is wrong in the English translation in your opinion? (I'm curious!).


It's not wrong, but it's very awkward. In American English, one would say "Accounting is easy for those good at math."


I would say it is wrong, because no native speaker would ever phrase it that way. We would say, "Accounting is easy for those who are good at mathematics." You could also use math (American English) or maths (British English).

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