"One city"

Translation:Одне місто

January 14, 2017



What is the difference between одне and Одне


If you mean the capitalization, the rules are the same as in English for the word "one" - if you start a sentence with it, capitalize it, otherwise leave it in lowercase. So effectively capitalization doesn't change the meaning. Since it's not a sentence but an expression, you can eithe capitalize it or just leave as одне місто.

From Duo's point of view, it doesn't matter either as Duo ignores capitalization and punctuation ayway.


Word for city in a few questions was translated as мiсто... i thought that meant 'place' ?


place = місце

city = місто

They're similar, but not the same.


Also, not sure if already asked... whats the difference between 'та' and 'i' for the word 'and' ?


They mean the same, no difference in meaning, if used as "and". You might choose one and not the other depending on the phonetic environment, there are even rules prescribing when to prefer і, when to prefer й and when to prefer та, but the native speakers don't really follow them, so, from the practical point of view, treat them as interchangeable to not overcomplicate the matter.


Not sure if I missed it but there two forms of one, одне and Одне


Один, Одна, and Одне. The decline based on case and gender.


Yeah, i saw that one of them was in capital form so i picked it


That's what I generally do for the ones


got confused because of the word for village


Village is rather село, whereas місто is city or town.

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