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  5. "Η αλεπού τρώει μία κότα."

"Η αλεπού τρώει μία κότα."

Translation:The fox eats a hen.

January 14, 2017



Why can't the fox eat a chicken ?!?!

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It's one of the accepted translations. Was it not accepted? If yes, was it on a strengthen exercise?


No clue... But they did not accept it...


And it was not a strengthen exercise...


I notice it is accepted


Is Aleppo named after fox?


Unlikely: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleppo#Etymology

Also, the name "Aleppo" doesn't come from Greek; they called it Beroea, apparently.


αλεπού means fox, what is the plural form?


οι αλεπούδες


Why is chicken suggested as a solution and then marked as a mistake?


Why is chicken suggested as a solution

The hints are not "suggestions".

They can contain translations that are not appropriate in the current sentence, like dictionary definitions.

They can jog your memory or remind you of the correct spelling, but you (the learner) are solely responsible for picking the correct hint, or (in rare cases which we try to correct as we become aware of them) for determining that none of them are suitable for the current sentence.

That said, there are accepted translations for this sentence that include the word "chicken". What was your entire sentence?

Did you report your answer as "my translation should be accepted"?

Are you sure that you had a translation exercise and not a listening exercise?

Do you have a screenshot that shows the question and your answer? If so, that would be excellent -- please upload it to a website (e.g. imgur) and tell us the URL. Thank you!

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