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"La presidenza ha molte responsabilità."

Translation:The presidency has many responsibilities.

January 14, 2017



"the presidency has a lot of responsibility" not accepted.


Well "molte responsabilità" in this sentence means "many different tasks to oversee", so I don't think it corresponds to one "reponsibility" where the meaning would be "the virtue of being responsible".

Maybe "a lot of responsibilities" should be accepted although the high register of the sentence sounds a bit wrong for the slightly colloquial "a lot of".


So you're saying that it cannot be "responsability" because "molte" is plural?


Exactly. "la responsibilità" is singular; "le responsibilità" is the plural. (one of those odd ones ending with an accent on the "à" so singular and plural look the same); "molte" is your only clue that it is plural.


It's called an invariable noun, in case anyone wonders :)


I don't agree at all. A lot of responsibility in English includes responsibility for many tasks.


Similarly, "the president has much responsibility" = not accepted Apr 2019. Why not?


Because it should be translated in plural. Molte means many and responsabilità is an invariable noun (la responsabilità and le responsabilità), hence translated with responsabilities because of the preceeding molte.


Ah, now I see: "molte" is plural and the unchanged ending of "responsabilità" fooled me!

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