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"The color of the new food processor is red."

Translation:Culoarea noului robot de bucătărie este roșu.

January 14, 2017



why both ”noului” and ”nou”? it seems to me like saying "the colour of the new new food processor”?


It does say that. Whoever wrote the sentence must've forget they already said 'new' three words before.


I am puzzled as to why the "new" gets the lui treatment rather than the "food processor" part? Culoarea robotlui de bucătărie noi este roșu makes more sense to me. Is that wrong?


can "culoarea robotului de bucatarie nou este rosu" be correct?


Yes it is. But anyway there is something strange with this sentence - it appears ones as above (in romanian) but with "rosie" instead "rosu". Ones ask for precisely this answer (may be it is only way to show us other possibilities for translation) than offers " culoarea robotului de bucatarie nou e rosu" . It is little bit confusing but for me main point is that all this course is for learning and everything in it can be used fir that purpouse.

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