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  5. "Które dziecko pije mleko?"

"Które dziecko pije mleko?"

Translation:Which child is drinking milk?

January 14, 2017



What is the difference between który and jaki?


"który" is more like "which", while "jaki" usually translates as "what" (adjectival) or "what kind of".

So "który" gives you a choice from a finite set of answers (the answer can be "that one over there"), and "jaki" asks for... something like a description (the answer can be "a Chinese baby").


I'm finding the who/ what/ where/ when/ why/ how words (Polish versions) and their respective conjugations particularly difficult. Do you have a resource of where they're simply explained?


"gdzie" (where) has no conjugation. You also have "dokąd" (where... to), but it's not taught in this course. "gdzie" is acceptable instead of "dokąd", but it's not the best option.

"kiedy" (when) also doesn't undergo declension. You also have "gdy", which is synonymous in some contexts (I sing when I'm happy), but "gdy" cannot be used to form a question.

"why" translates to either "dlaczego" or "czemu", sometimes "po co" (more like "what... for", but it's more common than its English equivalent). No declension.

"how" is generally "jak", also no declension. Maybe "w jaki sposób" = "in what way".

"who" is "kto" and it does undergo declension, depending on its function in the sentence. Think about Adam. "Lubię Adama" (I like Adam) takes Accusative. The question "Kogo lubisz?" (Who do you like) takes Accusative as well. "Szukam Adama" (I am looking for Adam) takes Genitive. "Kogo szukasz?" (Who are you looking for?) takes Genitive as well. Etc., etc.

Same for "co", which is "what".

But "what" can also work more like "what kind of", so this is the 'adjectival what', working similarly to "which". Then it translates to "jaki" and behaves like a possessive pronoun or an adjective.

And "which" translates to "który" and it behaves analogously to "jaki".

Also, take a look at this website run by alukasiak, one of the creators of this course: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/topics/language-learning/learn-polish/polish-grammar/ - it explains some of those in more detail.


Thanks! I find that odd considering in English "what/which" can usually be used in place of each other, and also in Ukrainian, it's one word: 'який' and I believe in Russian it's 'какой'?


I don't know if they are so synonymous in English, although maybe I just transfer Polish grammar and it's still correct.

Yeah, in Russian they have какой and который, but in the Russian course usually either both were fine or even какой was used when I'd expect который.


That's weird coming from a perspective where I interchangeably use "what/which".


But if you have four identical forks in front of you, will you ask "What fork is yours"?

Just asking, I'm not claiming that I know better...


Why not "...drinks milk"?


"Which child drinks milk" is a perfectly fine answer, which should have worked.

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