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  5. "Ben seninle yürüyeceğim."

"Ben seninle yürüyeceğim."

Translation:I will walk with you.

January 14, 2017



The audio makes yuruyeceğim sound like yuyeceğim

January 14, 2017


She pronounces it perfectly but in a daily speech mode. She exactly says 'yürüycem'

January 15, 2017


I can hear it perfectly as a native speaker but there is some deficiency of voice on "r", yes. Just some, it doesn't sound "y" to me.

January 15, 2017


The future taught here is not the same as you will here on the street eg "olmicaz","gelicem".

April 30, 2017


That is not standard Turkish and outside of sending things like text messages, people do not write that way. There is not even a standard way to write this form. :) We stick to the standardized language.

We would have to accept" Imma go" for "I am going to go " in that case.

May 2, 2017
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