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"Сколько стоят скрипка и гитара?"

Translation:How much are the violin and the guitar?

January 15, 2017



Every form of стоить (cost) is stressed wrongly on the second syllable so they sound like the forms of стоять (stand). Misstressing is bery common here in the DL Russian course but this is a real horror because these two verbs are distinguished only by the stress in almost every forms.

Pleeeeeese correct it ASAP! I have reported mistressing problems several times for months but nothing happens.


I put how much do the violin and guitar cost. Marked wrong


I wrote the same. I don't see why it is wrong!


That seems very reasonable.


Audio still not corrected. It should be сколько стОят скрипка и гитара and nit стоЯт


I tried "How much for the violin and the guitar". Can any native English speaker confirm it to be right?


It's right, but I can see how Duolingo might reject it as being not complete enough, since your sentence drops some words. Fully stated, your sentence would be "how much (is it) for the violin and the guitar?" or "how much (are) the violin and the guitar?"


I put "how much is a violin and a guitar?" and it's marked as wrong. Why? Shouldn't that work?


I also tried "how much is the violin and guitar?" and it said it was wrong. Why?


Dl provides "are" instead of "is" because there are two items. But "is" is what is commonly used. I guess it's actually the only correct one because it doesn't refer to the items, but to the cost or price.


Why isn't it скрипку and гитару?


Because they are the subject not the object. It's clearer if you make a statement instead of a question.

Скрипка и гитара стоят 100 рублей


is the стоят for plural or female singular?


plural, because two things are included in the question.


Audio is wrong! стоЯт - stand, стОят - how much cost.


Do I really need articles here? I wrote "How much is violin and guitar"? Most of the previous tasks didn't need them 'cause Russian doesn't have them.


You need the articles in English, either 'a' or 'the' before both 'violin' and 'guitar'. The previous tasks didn't work without them because of the Russian articlelessness ( ;-) ), but probably because they were frases where an article can be omitted.


What makes this sentence an exception?


In English the definite article "the" can never be omitted but there are two cases where there are no articles in indefinite situations. Indefinite plurals (plural and non-specific) or with an uncountable/mass noun that consists of a substance rather than individual components (e.g. sand, fruit).


Whats the difference between стоит and стоят? I get them wrong all the time.


Usually -ит is the he/she/it form and -ят is the they form. That's what's going on here.


Do you mean to ask how much they cost or how much they weigh?

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